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Travelers Adjust To New Uber, Lyft Pick Up Locations At Logan

Travelers Adjust To New Uber, Lyft Pick Up Locations At Logan 1


Major changes with plenty of glitches at Logan airport as ride-share pickups move locations. It’s day one of passengers having to meet their Uber or Lyft drivers in the central parking garage. Passengers and drivers we talked to hope time will cure the first-day blues.Riders seem to be giving the new system the benefit of the doubt because Monday is the first day that travelers leaving Terminals A and C can no longer catch their Uber or Lyft curbside. Instead, they have to haul their luggage to central parking to a new pickup spot.

But it wasn’t the five-minute walk that was bugging passengers. “The drivers are having a hard time figuring out how to get into this building. I watched him circle four or five times and then he just canceled. So, I’m waiting for another Uber to come get me,” said passenger Matt Sweers.

And when the cars get there, some drivers are having trouble finding their fares. “She can’t find me. I don’t know where she is. It’s kind of disorganized, but that’s what it’s like every day of the first day,” said another driver. Massport decided to move ride-share locations into the central garage to cut down on congestion on the terminal roads. Lyft and Uber rides account for about 35,000 trips to and from Logan every day.

Next week ride-share pick ups from terminals B and E will move, and by the beginning of December, drop-offs after 10 a.m. will also move indoors.“It was a long walk I thought. But there was a lot of support when I got here, a lot of people to ask questions. It seems organized, so I’m hoping it’s the beginning of something good,” said passenger Robin Spencer.

When rideshare drop-offs move to central parking you’ll be able to check your bags and get a boarding pass before you leave the garage. Another plus, even though it’s chilly in the garage, riders have cover from rain and soon, snow.

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