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Splash Car Wash

Randolph, MA is located fifteen miles south of Boston, at the intersection of Routes 128 and 24, Randolph’s location has been an important factor in its economic and social history. Randolph is located in eastern Massachusetts, bordered by Milton and Quincy on the north, Braintree and Holbrook on the east, Canton on the west, and Avon and Stoughton on the south and southwest.

Development info
Splash Car Wash is among the 20th largest car-care companies in the country, and with over 40 years of experience, Splash Car Wash has fast become a leader in the car wash industry.
  • 150 FT Vehicle Tunnel
  • 6,000 SQFT Buliding
  • Vacuums & Mat Wash Stations
  • 20K + Average Daily Traffic (ADT)

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